What You Should Know Before Buying A House

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It can be challenging to purchase a new home, considering it is a long-term investment. If buyers plan to live in the new residence, it becomes even more important to do some research. There are certain factors that can affect the value of a new house and how happy a homeowner will be living in it.

Get To Know The Neighbourhood

When a home buyer inspects a home in an unfamiliar neighbourhood, it will be a good idea to visit the area a few times a day at different intervals. This will let him know if the location is noisy during rush hour and in the evenings when he wants to rest. When checking out a home near a school, it may be practical for kids but can cause noise and traffic during most months of the year.

Another factor to consider is how close the property is to the motorway or main road. This is another cause for concern a home buyer wants peace and quiet in his new residence. Constant noise from vehicles on the road can also lead to stress and many sleepless nights. Other noisy locations are residential homes near playgrounds and commercial establishments.

A good tip is to talk to the neighbours. An interested property investor can tell neighbours that he is thinking of moving into the house next door. Ask them if they have problems with noise, theft and vandalism.

Get Advice From Professionals

A homebuyer should deal with a reputable real estate agent that can help find the perfect piece of property. A licensed agent should have a long list of homes for buyers to check out. He can suggest certain properties according to an investor’s requirements whether it is a home near a school, golf club or someplace really quiet.

Hiring a professional home valuer is also a good idea. This kind of person can check the property for structural problems, pest infestation, damp and defective electrical and plumbing systems. Finding out the extent of damage to any of these areas can make a difference in renovation or maintenance costs. Repairing plumbing systems and structural damage can be quite expensive.

If a buyer determines that the property needs considerable remodeling, he should ask a contractor or interior designer to inspect the home. A professional can tell a new homebuyer how much it will cost to renovate a home to his specifications. If it will come out too costly, consider getting a newer home that will need less remodeling.

Check with the city hall to know more about the zoning laws and restrictions in the area. This is important if there are plans to renovate. Find out about liens, easement rules, and height restrictions if there is a plan to add another floor to the existing structure. These are what you should know before buying a house. Being more vigilant will help you make a better decision and help cut costs later on.


Peter Andrews

The article was written by Peter Andrews. Andrew used to work for a London based residence management company and loves to spend his spare time with gardening, DIY and interior design. 

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