Which laws do Tenants and Landlords have to Abide by?

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When you are a tenant of a property you must abide to a number of responsibilities. This will help you maintain a good relationship with your landlord and will ensure that you have professional working relationship. Things like paying the rent in full and on time go a long way to cementing this important relationship. As a tenant you should always make sure that you have a tenancy agreement that is signed by the landlord.

What are my responsibilities as a Tennant?

As a tenant you have responsibilities that you will need to pay attention too. Sometimes who is actually responsible for what can be a little unclear, if you find yourself in this position either consult your landlord or take a look at your tenancy agreement.

You should remember that there are not only responsibilities but also laws that are applicable to both the tenant and the landlord. The tenant has the right to rent a property that is free from defects and is safe. This includes all the equipment within the property meeting required safety standards.

Always keep you Landlord Informed.

One thing that landlords do like is to be kept informed if there are any problems or issues with their properties. For example, reporting any damage to the property or its contents as soon as possible will show the landlord that you care about the property and respect it.

Quickly reporting damage to your landlord is the responsibility of the tenant. If a landlord has taken out a landlord insurance  policy it can take some time for the claim to be processed and paid out  replaced so the early the tenant reports an issue the better. The tenant has the right to have a reasonable period of notice if the landlord wishes to end the agreement and to have security deposits returned within 30 days.

As a tenant you should remember that the sooner you alert your landlord the quicker the problem can be dealt with. This is especially true if the landlord has the relevant insurance policies in place to cover any breakages of damaged property that is owned by the landlord. You should never try and cover up and damage that you have made because if you decide to move out and the landlord finds out you will most likely lose your damage deposit.

My landlord has Insurance – do I need my own too?

If you landlord had landlords insurance then this policy will cover the items in the property that belong to the landlord. If you are living in a fully furnished rental property, the landlords insurance will cover all these items. As a tenant you should remember that the landlords insurance will not cover you possessions, if you are looking for these to be insured then you will need to take out contents insurance. It is a common mistake that tenants make; they often assume that because their landlord has insurance that their possessions will be covered too, this is not the case.

If you are a landlord and you are considering taking out a landlords insurance policy you should make sure that you receive the right policy for you. Seeking professional advice will help you do this and make sure you get the right cover.


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