Which Survey Do You Need When Buying or Renovating a Property?

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Before buying a property, it is usually recommended that you carry out a series of reports to ensure that the property is structurally sound and a good investment. It is important to carry out the appropriate checks so that you don’t waste money on renovations or buying a property that isn’t a good investment. So which survey is best suited to what you need? Here is a list of the main surveys and reports that are carried out and what each one offers.

Building Surveys

A full building survey on your home is carried out by a Chartered Surveyor, who will look at the building as a whole and create a report based on the overall state of the property. Owners of older homes or properties which have undergone major renovations are usually those who request these reports, as a way of checking that the building is structurally sound or whether there are aspects that require further investigation.

Structural Surveys

Generally performed by Chartered Engineers, the structural survey is carried out to check the skeleton of a building, such as the walls or foundations, to ensure there are no problems that require fixing. Such a report is usually requested by potential buyers of a property, who may be looking to renovate or replace a substantial element of the building such as the electrics. If a surveyor spots a problem with the foundations of a property, there may be a need for a Specific Structural Inspection, where a more thorough examination will take place of the problem.

Homebuyer Surveys

Carried out by a Chartered Surveyor, Homebuyer surveys or report is requested in order to see whether or not a property is worth the value it is being sold for. This type of survey is only applicable to properties that are modern and unaltered, with no major renovations or alterations made to it.

Investigative Surveys

An Investigative survey may be required to ascertain the effect of a specific circumstance on a property, such as the effects of a natural disaster or a destructive accident that may have occurred within the building. These surveys are used to look into the effects of such a problem on the welfare or environment on the public or an individual living in or near the property.

Party Wall Surveys

A Party Wall agreement or award is the contract drawn up by a surveyor to state the rights and responsibilities of the relevant property owners with regards to the wall that divides their properties. This is generally with regards problems such as any damage that may be caused to the wall, and the responsibilities of each owner to fix it.

Boundary Disputes

A boundary dispute is a disagreement over the territory that each property owner is responsible for and owns, referring to gardens or the surrounding land around your property. Such a dispute usually requires a report to be carried out in order to decide who claims responsibility over which area of land.

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