Why Pinterest Can Be Your Advantage In Real Estate Business

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It’s no secret that Pinterest has become a viable contender in the realm of social media. In fact, in its first two years, it has surpassed the number of users that both Facebook and Twitter had within their first two years. As a result, Pinterest an be an incredibly valuable marketing tool for many types of business including real estate. On that note, let’s talk about why Pinterest can used be to your advantage in the real estate business and how you can make the most of it.

Perhaps the biggest reason for Pinterest’s popularity is its simplicity and visual appeal. Rather than relying primarily on conversation like Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest revolves around pinning images onto boards. Each board has a clean, uncluttered look where lots of content can be stored while maintaining organization. After creating pins, other users can repin, like or comment on your pins. Due to the ease with each content can be shared, it’s relatively easy to attract the attention of a large demographic. In fact, more than 80% of pins will be repinned at some point in time. This makes Pinterest extremely advantageous when it comes to promoting your real estate business.

How to Utilize Pinterest
To get started, you will need to first create an account. It’s smart to include a head shot on your profile and write a brief sentence or two that tells people what you’re all about. You can also add links to other websites like your website, blog, Facebook profile or Twitter profile. Once this is set up, you will need to create one or more boards on Pinterest to showcase your real estate. For example, you might create boards for some properties you are selling. While you are not allowed to directly post your listings on Pinterest because it violates their terms of use, you can post pictures that are linked from your blog. Doing so will make it easy for people to find your blog when they click on an image in Pinterest. To grab the attention of users, you will want to add pins of eye appealing interior or exterior pictures. In most cases, your pins will be shared by others which means that you can increase your exposure without any further effort.

How to Get the Most Out of Pinterest
Besides pinning great looking images, there are several ways you can maximize your influence and bring more attention to your real estate business. First, you should follow relevant people who either sell or who are interested in real estate. This is one of the best ways to get the ball rolling and get people to look at your boards. You should also interact as much as possible by repinning, liking and commenting on relevant pins. Doing so will create positive Pinterest karma while simultaneously bringing more traffic to your boards. In addition, it’s smart to add a “pin it” button to the content on your website or blog. This can usually be done installing a Pinterest plugin and should increase your amount of social shares considerably.


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