Why You Should Take Care of Your Lawn During Winter

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The spring and summer are seen as the peak time when homeowners put on their garden gloves, get out the tools from the shed (being careful to avoid the snails which have made them their home) and spend as much time tending to their garden as possible. This is because with the great weather and time off, we’re more likely to want to enjoy their garden or green space while the weather is nice, so want to look at something pretty.
However, come fall and winter, when we’re all back to work again and the weather is nowhere nearly as enjoyable, we tend to turn our attention away from that area which we treasured so much. Poor gardens.
Below are a few reasons why we should still work to maintain our gardens even once September has arrived:

1) Recover from Summer

For most of us, Summer has meant lots of days of playing games, tea parties and sunbathing in the afternoons, and then dinner outside with the seasonal popularity of BBQs and socials in the evening. It’s no surprise given the country’s affinity to drop everything once we get some rare sunshine that summer sees us truly make the most of the garden space we do have. However, this means that in all the excitement, we’ve knocked over a plant here, or stomped around on the lawn a bit more than usual here. What can be done now shouldn’t be put off. A key part of groundskeeping is tending to the effects of the previous season, and that means all four of them according to this expert.
2) An All-Year Job

The beginning of the Autumn period should be seen as the January 1st of groundskeeping. You ought to start as you mean to go on rather than shun your greenspace till when you want to use it. After all, it’s right outside, so you don’t have to go far! Of course, you shouldn’t be using electrical equipment when it’s been raining but you can still perform maintenance here and there. If you have a big garden, use a walk around the garden as an excuse to not only get some quiet time but tweak things or pick up awry flowers and weeds.
3) Socialising and Events
While many see summer as the peak of annual social activities, for those where the weather can be a little bit more unpredictable, we can be treated to some pretty good weather. It’s not completely out of the norm to experience some sunshine still in October, and with a jumper or jacket on, we can still manage some quality time outside. Guyfawkes Night and Halloween are two such events when we can make the most of our backgardens. It can be a lot safer to have events and parties in the garden involving children, where we can see them, rather than going far out in the street or letting them wander off.
4) Exercise
Keeping your garden well-maintained throughout the year is a great alternative to a gym membership. There’s lots of walking around involved which is good cardio. Bending down or squatting, and then holding that position is similar to yoga in that you’re pulling of quite challenging poses. Reaching for weeds is continuous stretching of muscles, both in the arms and legs when getting to hard to reach places. By keeping a well-maintained garden for as long as you can, it gives the kids (and adults) an alternative option to sitting inside all the time when they could be a bit more active.
5) Though the spring and summer are usually considered the best months to sell a property, the estate market can’t be put on hold for long periods, and we’re always selling and buying. That means viewings all year round, and a garden can be a great touch that pushes someone to making an offer. If you can show them a garden that can be well-tended too even in the autumn and winter months, it is always better than trying to gloss over one that has gone awol or you’ve neglected.



Paul is currently working alongside a client who specialises in groundskeeping for a variety of different contexts, such as gardens and sporting or music events which includes services such as temporary access and ground protection solutions. Though he currently only has a balcony at the moment, Paul would one day like to have his own small garden to look after when he buys for the first time.

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