Frequently Asked Questions for agentright

agentright has put some simple frequently asked questions below if you do not find the answer to your question below or need more assistance please use the contact us page. In addition any questions asked will be added to the FAQ page.

When does my review go live on the site?

Agent reviews on agentright go live and appear on the website as soon as you click on the email validation link. This Link is sent to the email address you entered while filling in the review form.

Once you have clicked on the validation link the review will be live on the site. ( Note: this is only for known agents and branches, all other will be validated manually )

If you have entered a review for an agent that is not listed on a site a site admin will validate the agency and assign the review to that agency and branch.

How do i respond to a review?

All reviews are available for response by the agent, in order to respond you need to be a registered user , you simply login as the agent and can then respond to any review via your control panel. Its really simple we will be putting a link to a you Tube video there soon.

How do i add a review for a Company not in the database?

It is really simple to add a review for any company or for that matter branch not listed in our database, simply use the review agent page and enter the details as normal, you will still be sent a validation code but the review will not go live until agentright admin adds the company ( or Branch ) and assigns the review accordingly, This should take no more than 48 hours.

How do i get my company listed?

Listing your letting agency or estate agency on agentright is as simple as anything else on agentright, visit the register agent page and complete the form, you will then be able to login as the agent and update your details, add branches, respond to reviews and much more as and when the tools are added.

Wait a minute how much will this cost?

Nothing at all, use of this website is free

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